What We Do

Our Purpose

Initially, the DNDC engaged residents, neighborhood associations, and other community stakeholders in three Danville neighborhoods (namely, White Rock, Westmoreland, and the community surrounding Danville Community College and Cardinal Village) in assessing the condition of properties, community planning, and completing placemaking projects.  With the help of partners, including the City of Danville, the Community Foundation of the Dan River Region, and the Danville Regional Foundation, the DNDC launched multiple programs. 

Our Programs

The DNDC launched multiple programs to help a variety of people in the Danville area: 

Danville Home
Repair Blitz

DNDC aids elderly, veterans, disabled, and low-income homeowners with exterior repairs for safety, mobility, providing free materials and labor for upkeep and improvement.

& Acquisition

DNDC acquires and rehabilitates vacant properties to enhance housing market appeal and aim for healthier, thriving neighborhoods through targeted, strategic projects.

The Education

DNDC’s free courses cater to homeowners, landlords, and tenants, offering insights on best practices and landlord training to foster better property management skills.


DNDC engages in beautification, creative placemaking, and safety improvements, collaborating with the City of Danville to enhance neighborhood appeal and pedestrian safety.


Mission 180 by DNDC focuses on revitalizing Kemper Road through housing improvements and property value enhancement, building community leadership to foster economic feasibility.

Land Bank

DNDC is working with housing partners to organize the Land Bank. Land Banks stabilize communities across the U.S.

Loan Program

This initiative supports homeowners and rental property owners in property maintenance, capital improvements, and elevating curb appeal for a more inviting community.


This conference offers up-to-date resources and information to empower Danville’s residents, building their capacity and confidence to effect positive neighborhood changes.

Our Classes & Events

DNDC offers a diverse lineup of classes and events aimed at community improvement and personal growth as homeowners and landlords. Engage in workshops, seminars, and activities focused on home improvement, neighborhood advocacy, and leadership development. 

Rental Property Maintenance

This class discusses maintaining rental properties, addressing repairs, seasonal maintenance, and emergency protocols to ensure property longevity.

Preventative Home Maintenace

This class focuses on exterior maintenance of properties, covering roofs, sidewalks, and foundations, crucial for property upkeep and tenant safety.

Do's and Don'ts of Hiring a Contractor

This class covers hiring contractors for renovations, including vetting processes, contract essentials, and managing work to align with legal standards.

Best practices in Property Management

This class covers unit marketing, applicant screening, lease terms, inspections, and Section 8 program. Includes rent process and HQS inspection overview.

Virginia Residential Landlord & Tenant Act

This class outlines rights and duties of landlords and tenants under Virginia’s VRLTA, including the recent updates passed by the General Assembly.

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