Danville Land Bank

What is a Land Bank?

Land Banks are properties that have become a nuisance to neighborhoods when land owners neglect to keep their buildings secure and habitable, and their lots maintained.  In Virginia, designated Land Banks partner with local governments to acquire problem properties and clear them of liens, secure abandoned residential buildings and maintain vacant lots until responsible stewards are identified.  By offering opportunities for citizens and neighborhood associations to adopt or lease vacant lots for community gardens or orchards, for first-time homebuyers to buy and renovate as owner-occupants, and for developers to assemble land for multi-family developments, Land Banks are a proven strategy for the stabilization of communities throughout the United States.

Danville Land Bank

Under Virginia law (sections 15.2-7500 to 15.2-7512), the DNDC has been designated by the City of Danville to oversee and implement Danville’s Land Bank program. DNDC is working with housing partners to organize the Land Bank. With support from the Center for Community Progress and HD Advisors, the DNDC is gearing up to take on this role. As properties are transferred from the City of Danville and as we acquire more Land Bank properties, we’ll share updates. If you’re interested in donating or buying property, please reach out to the City’s Department of Community Development at 434-799-5260

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